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laska vs mags 7
Monday, March 14, 2011 | 6:37 AM | 0 Juliets and Romeos?

hello there world..(oppss...ini yang akan terjadi bila addicted dengan anwar hadi)
its such a very long time that i did not post any chessy and maybe some annoying entry(lalalalalala)
heh~so,talking about that title
its about LASKA OF SRISS VS MAGS 7 OF [TUNAS]<<bunch of credit to my dearest anis nabilah
she's my sweet caroline 
and now....what laska have but not mags 7 have?
what laska do but mags 7 dont's?
LASKA....what is laska?a person?a place?naa...its a great ever group
created by the form 4 '11 generation of sriss
maybe i'm not one of them or maybe yes
naa...i'm the one of laska..
and talking about mags 7 which is a fantasy of hlovate(i like all of them)
they are so magnificent,excellent
dan tentang perbandingan antara LASKA OF SESTA SRISS
aku rasa aku suka semua ahli the laska yang best ever
friendship yang memang takkan putus comes hell or high water
yang takkan pernah terkubur even ada yang terputus nyawa
coz all the memories will safe and soundly in our mind
deeply in our heart
maybe kami semua tak secoolio chemically AIR-JEE....tak sehebat like a drummer JUKI..
not a crazy magic tricker as IM...not such great qari as EADY..and not an intelligent IT as A-CID( the panah arjuna whos spread the love in the air)...and also we not a clone of K'OI appliance of PKBM in daily activities(especially in fly)...we are not a black belt in taekwando and also silat gayung learner as LEE,,
tapi...kami semua pun macam mags 7 yang berdiri atas prinsip yang sama
yang duduk sama rendah dan diri sama tinggi
yang susah sama harungi dan senang sama dirasai
yang kami juga cuba ikut skema ALLAH AND RASUL
we are the CAP AYAM LASKA..

chessylines:we pround to be who we are...not behind the shadow of anybody..behind the name of somebody..behind the characters of nobody

hey all kuncu2 laska...sorry...a'an terpoyo about the laska...bosan meyh....enjoy reading


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